Using Your New, Custom Orthotics

Having custom orthotics made is one of the best things you can do for your feet, especially if you stand or walk for much of the day. But using your orthotics is not always as simple as sliding them into your shoes and putting your shoes on. As a new orthotics user, here are a few tips you may benefit from. Make sure the orthotics fit inside your shoes well.

Three Surgical Options For Thumb Arthritis

Developing arthritis in your thumb can be quite debilitating. Even though it is a small joint, you use your thumb almost constantly throughout the day, and having to modify your use of your thumb due to pain can result in dramatic changes in lifestyle. Sure, you can use pain relievers and topical agents, but they only work so well and for so long. For lasting relief, you should look into these three surgical options for addressing the arthritis.

Orthopedic Services That An Ankle Specialist May Recommend Before Surgery

There are so many things that can go wrong with your ankle. You could develop arthritis, or sprain one of the ligaments, or tear your Achilles tendon. Many of these injuries need to be treated with surgery if they are serious, but your orthopedic doctor will often try to avoid recommending surgery if at all possible. The nice part is that many ankle injuries can be treated and managed in similar, non-surgical ways.

3 Strategies For Alleviating The Pain Of Iliopsoas Bursitis

Iliopsoas bursitis is inflammation of the bursa located in front of the hip. This type of bursitis can be caused by several underlying reasons, such as repetitive stress during running or inflammatory arthritis. Most instances of iliopsoas bursitis will resolve with conservative treatment. Reduce Inflammation Pain management strategies that are aimed at reducing inflammation may be useful for acute cases of iliopsoas bursitis. Rest can be important in the acute phase of bursitis, and some people find that simply avoiding aggravating activities, such as running or climbing stairs, may be enough to alleviate the problem.