3 Options For Relieving Neck Pain

Do you suffer from neck pain? Neck pain can be a highly frustrating and inconvenient issue. Even minor neck pain can be intrusive in your day-to-day life. It may prevent you from exercising or enjoying a full range of motion and comfort at work. More serious neck pain can threaten your ability to participate in work, exercise, and even enjoy life. The good news is there are steps you can take to relieve your neck pain and get back to being active. Below are a few tips to reduce your neck pain:

Anti-inflammation solutions

Inflammation can be one of the biggest sources of neck pain. Inflammation can happen for any number of reasons. A strained muscle or ligament often causes it but can also happen if you damage a disk in your spine. Try alternating cold and hot applications on the sore area of your neck. The cold will numb the pain and help you feel more comfortable. The heat will increase blood flow and aid in the long-term reduction of pain and inflammation. A simple ice pack and a heating pad are effective ways to apply cold and heat. You also may want to take anti-inflammation medication. That, combined with the heat and cold, should minimize your pain greatly. 

Physical therapy

You may want to see a physical therapist if a cold and heat routine doesn't help. A physical therapist can recommend an exercise and stretching regimen to work out strained muscles and eliminate pain. They can identify the source of the pain and stiffness and create a targeted routine specifically for you. A physical therapist will typically guide you through a routine in their office and then give you stretches and exercises to do at home. After a few sessions, your neck should be feeling better. If not, it may be time to take the next step.

Visit an orthopedist

If at-home remedies and physical therapy do not work, it could be worthwhile to visit an orthopedist. They can take X-rays and do an MRI to identify the source of the pain. They may recommend therapeutic injections like steroids or nerve blockers to minimize the pain. If the issue is related to a disk in your spine, you may need a minimally-invasive procedure to correct the issue. For example, you may need surgery if you have a herniated disk. 

Ready to resolve your neck pain? Visit an orthopedist in your area to learn more about neck pain treatment options.