Using Your New, Custom Orthotics

Having custom orthotics made is one of the best things you can do for your feet, especially if you stand or walk for much of the day. But using your orthotics is not always as simple as sliding them into your shoes and putting your shoes on. As a new orthotics user, here are a few tips you may benefit from.

Make sure the orthotics fit inside your shoes well.

Your doctor probably designed the orthotics to fit inside a specific pair of shoes you like to wear, so those are the shoes you should use the orthotics with. If you want to try them with a different set of shoes, make sure they fit inside the shoes without bunching up, curling, or sliding around. When buying new shoes, take your orthotics with you to the shoe store so you can make sure they fit inside shoes before you make the purchase

Wear thin, breathable socks with your orthotics.

Since the orthotics take up space inside your shoes, pairing them with really thick or heavy socks may cause your shoes to fit too tightly. If you were wearing thicker socks in the past in an effort to thwart blisters and other problems, remember your orthotics are doing that job now. You can switch to thinner socks, as long as they are breathable. Look for ones made from a wool blend or a synthetic wicking fabric.

Start by wearing the orthotics for just a few hours a day.

While wearing orthotics is ultimately good for your feet, the transition can result in some soreness if you move too quickly. For the first few days you use your orthotics, just leave them in your shoes for a couple of hours. Then, work your way up to wearing them for a half day. And after about 2 weeks, wear them all day. This gives your musculature and soft tissues time to adjust to the new position your feet are in while wearing the orthotics.

Clean your orthotics periodically.

While you do not need to wash your orthotics daily, it is a good idea to clean them periodically to get rid of any bacterial or fungal buildup. You can just remove them from your shoes and give them a wipe-down with an antibacterial shoe cleaner. You can even just use a preparation of dish soap and water in a pinch.

With the tips above, you will be all set to use your orthotics to the fullest. Comfortable days are ahead! Contact an orthotics provider like Bio  Tech Prosthetics and Orthotics for more info.