5 Circumstances When You Should Consider Independent Orthopedic Evaluations

If you're an attorney or an insurance adjuster, it's likely that you meet clients who require medical evaluations. For example, you may require independent orthopedic evaluations before representing a client if the client has sustained an injury and is filing a claim against the insurance company. You may also require this medical assessment if you are representing someone who has been injured while at work or in a motor vehicle accident.

Below are five circumstances when your clients may require an independent orthopedic evaluation.

When Your Client Has Been Involved in an Accident

If your client has had a motor vehicle accident, they may sustain a non-severe injury, such as whiplash or soft tissue damage. They may also have a severe injury that requires surgery or has left them in chronic pain. In such instances, your client will likely require an independent medical evaluation before proceeding with legal action.

When The Client Has Had Multiple Past Surgeries

If the client has had medical operations in the past, an orthopedic examination can determine whether the surgery was necessary. The independent medical professional can also help identify if there could have been a better option to avoid the surgeries. Your client may also need an evaluation if they've sustained a previous injury that has not healed properly or left them with chronic pain.

When Your Client has Chronic Conditions

If your client has a chronic condition, an orthopedic assessment can help determine whether the condition is caused by their injury or if there was another factor in play. This may be important in determining damages. If they have an existing condition, this also needs to be identified so that it can be taken into account when calculating damages.

If Your Client Sustained Brain Injury

A neurological disorder can be devastating for you, but even worse for children who may not fully understand what happened or how long recovery will take. An independent medical assessment can be essential to determine the extent of damage sustained from a brain injury.

The Client's Symptom Have Not Responded to Treatment

Sometimes, a client may have ongoing ailment symptoms that do not seem to respond to the offered primary intervention. In some cases, this can be a result of inadequate knowledge regarding diagnosis and treatment options. In order to represent such a client appropriately, you may request them to have an independent orthopedic examination.

If you're an insurance adjuster or an attorney, you want to represent your clients with full knowledge of their condition. In this case, a medical examination comes in handy. Contact a professional independent orthopedic practitioner today to hire these services.