Having Shoulder Surgery? 3 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Shoulder surgery may only last a few hours, but it is a very serious procedure which requires a serious recovery period. Before you go in for shoulder surgery, it is important to prepare your home so you can comfortably recover from your surgery.

#1 Get Some Extra Pillows

If you are a pillow minimalist who doesn't have a lot of pillows around your house, you may want to grab a couple of extra pillows. As you are recovering, you can use the pillows to help prop up your arm when you are sleeping or even when you are relaxing on the couch. Pillows will help take the weight off your arm.

#2 Prepare Your Bathroom

The area you are going to need to get the most stuff for is your bathroom.

Shower Chair

To start with, purchase a chair for your shower. A shower stool is made to sit securely in your shower without moving around. When you are recovering from your surgery, you are not going to be able to lift your arm, making it hard to clean yourself and more difficult to maintain your balance. Additionally, surgery can really zap your energy, and a chair can provide you with the extra support you need.

Detachable Shower Head

Next, it will be a lot easier to shower if you have a detachable shower head. You can purchase a moveable shower head and screw it onto your regular shower head. Then there is a lever you can turn to direct the water towards the detachable shower head instead of the regular shower head. This will make it easier to shower with one arm and will make it easier for you to protect your surgery area, which you are not supposed to get wet.

Waterproof Bandages

Before you get in the shower, you need to protect your surgery site from contact with water. A waterproof bandage is the most effective way to keep your surgery site dry. You can also tape in place trash bags using athletic tape.

Make sure you have the tools to shower comfortably, as it is going to take weeks for your shoulder to heal from surgery.

#3 Update Your Clothing Choices

Depending on the type of clothing that you own, you may want to buy a few new pieces. Putting on shirts that have to go over your head is going to be really difficult and potentially dangerous for your arm. Instead, you want to wear shirts you can just slip your arms into and then either button or zip up. Make sure you have bottoms you can easily pull on with one hand. Check your shoe collection and make sure that you have a few pairs you can easily slip-on. Tying shoes with one hand is more difficult than you think.

Before your shoulder surgery, prepare your home to make your recovery process easier. Add a shower chair, detachable shower head, and waterproof bandages to your bathroom. Add some extra pillows for propping up your arm. Make sure you have clothes you can easily put on. Preparing in advance will help the recovery process be a little more seamless. For more information, consult with a joint replacement surgery service