Does Your Nagging Sports Injury Require Surgery?

There are two types of injuries: acute and overuse. Acute injuries result from a single, traumatic event leading to wrist fractures, ankle sprains, and hamstring muscle strain. On the other hand, overuse injuries result from repetitive, microtrauma to a specific bone, joint, or muscle. Having acute injuries would instantly bring you to a physician and may result to a surgery without delay. However, overuse injuries are subtle and will not force you to go to the nearest clinic. However, even overuse injuries result to nagging pains, but still, you'll have a second thought as to whether they would require surgery. Here are some key signs that you need to consider if trying to see whether your nagging spots injury might require orthopedic surgery.

Inability to Walk

Whether you're talking about acute or overuse injuries, inability to walk is one of the most serious symptoms to watch out for. In sports medicine clinics, inability to walk or your ability to bear your weight on the foot or leg serves as criteria for deciding whether you'll need an X-ray. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you need to worry that you'll need surgery if your injury makes you unable to walk. The inability to walk just serves as the starting point for more thorough tests to ensure appropriate diagnosis and treatment of your nagging sports injury.

Unstable Joints

Not all serious injuries are painful, especially if they involve the joints. Sometimes joint and hip injuries cannot be felt. Without nerves in these bone connections, you may not be able to feel throbbing pain in these locations. However, if you feel that the joint connections are unstable or wobbly, have it checked at a sports medicine clinic like El Camino Center for Sports Medicine‚Äč. You can also sense an injured joint if you can hear loud "popping" or cracking sounds. Either way, it is best to visit an orthopedist to conduct tests and identify proper treatment.

Pain and Soreness Worsen

Ultimately, pain and soreness that keep on coming back and worsen through time could also mean that your injury may require surgery. When suffering from an acute injury, pain and soreness can be immediately felt. However, in cases of overuse injuries, some pains may be subtle, especially if you have a high tolerance to pain. Hence, you need to be vigilant in sensing injuries as pain and soreness continue to build up.

If you have inability to walk, unstable joints, and increasing pain and soreness, it is best to always seek professional medical help. Sports medicine clinics and orthopedists have advanced and state-of-the-art facilities to have you tested and determine whether your acute or overuse injuries would require surgery.